Press Clipping
Regatta VR CEO Bill West Discusses Corporate Training And His 30-Year Career In EdTech

Bill West has been involved in edtech for over 30 years. After graduating with a computer science degree from Indiana University Bloomington in 1987, he went to work for Andersen Consulting on an initiative that was described at the time as CBT, or computer-based training. Since, West has worked for the dot-com-era UNext, Xerox, LEO Learning, and eLearning Brothers. He has also launched and sold his own custom corporate training design company, Option Six. Later, he founded the Learning Alliance, a team comprised of five corporate training design and development companies. Their collective C-suite includes numerous pioneers of education technology, from developers of PLATO and Atari to people who helped write the SCORM and xAPI protocols. West’s latest venture, Regatta VR, creates VR-based corporate training initiatives. To learn more, eLearning Inside recently reached West on the phone.